I offer a range of WORKSHOPS and CLASSES (individual and groups) to support you in your practice, to connect to your true nature and help answer the question ‘WHO AM I’. Check out the offers below and decide what you need for yourself or your team.

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yoga practices for a better body-mind-baby connection and overall wellbeing during and after pregnancy, reducing stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness meditation

developing awareness in everyday life situation to reduce stress and be able to take better decisions and develop inner peace and joy.

Yoga postures (asanas) and breath work

for physical and mental well-being and more flexibility and awareness in body and mind.

Philosophy classes

for a deeper understanding of the science of yoga and the potential that yoga practices offer to improve life quality, understanding why you practice and supporting your spiritual path.

Office yoga

for the busy people who cannot attend regular classes, to support staff in overall fitness, mindfulness to prevent burnouts.

walking meditation

learning the skill of walking in awareness for those who find it difficult to sit for longer periods of time, walking can become your efficient mindfulness practice.

Yoga for anxiety

specifically addressing anxiety and stress, applying the yoga techniques (breathing, meditation, relaxation) to understand how to calm the nervous system and be able to connect to the peace within in stressful times.

please contact me if any of the above calls your attention and we will find a schedule, design an offer that suits your personal needs.

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